How will working with a personal stylist help me and what will I gain?

Working with a personal stylist enables you to gain valuable knowledge and skills in dressing for your shape. Create different outfits with what you already have as well as identify key items to have in your wardrobe, where to shop for them and what to look out for when shopping. Saving valuable time and money on purchasing the right items instead of wasting money and time on the wrong items.


Who pays for the clothing and do I need a large budget?

When we go shopping you pay for the clothing, the budget is set by the you and it is our job to stick to it by creating outfits that work with your style, budget and outcomes.


What is a style consultation?

A style consultation is a one on one sit down with you, where we discuss your needs, understand your outcomes and discover your styles. It is a chance for us to build connections and a relationship that supports you in your journey to creating the best version of you.


Do you need to conduct a style consultation if I only want to do a shopping package or have previously had a styling session?

Yes! A style consultation is the tool that we use to ensure that we are both on the same page when it comes to your outcomes and style.


How far in advance do I need to book and do you do weekend and late night appointments?

As a general rule 2-3 weeks is ample time to make bookings for our packages however, to ensure that you can have the date you request booking earlier is advantageous. Style consultations can be booked with 2-3 days notice. Late night and weekend appointments may be requested, subject to prior commitments.


Where do the shopping sessions take place?
Do you do group shopping sessions?

Shopping sessions are usually done where there is choice and within a suitable location. Most sessions are done in the city or major shopping destinations. Group shopping sessions are available with a maximum of 4 people. Group shopping sessions for larger groups can be arranged, please contact Style Union to discuss.


Does style union get commissions?

NO! Style Union does not work for anyone other than their clients. This allows us the freedom to solely focus on what our clients needs and outcomes are and not be swayed on where to take them. If discounts are offered to Style Union they will be passed onto our clients directly.


What if I don’t like what the stylist has chosen for me?

When it comes to the shopping session all we ask is that you have an open mind and a willingness to try. This session is a time of discovery, with that some things will work and others may not. If you are not at all happy with an item and don't feel that it reflects your style or how you wish to be perceived, you don’t buy the item. We will never push you to purchase because we want you to wear your clothing not collect it.


What if I live regionally or interstate?

Style Union has many clients that are not based in Melbourne. Style Union does travel interstate to conduct sessions with clients however a travel fee may apply and is discussed on an individual basis. Style consultations for those situated outside of the Melbourne metro area can be conducted via Skype or over the phone.


When is the right time to hire a stylist?

Now! If you are after clarity, confidence and self assurance each day in your wardrobe then working with Style Union will help take the pain, frustration and overwhelm out of dressing and show you how to be perceived in your best light. Take the first step and contact Style Union today to discuss how you can achieve the best version of you. Go on, be amazed and own yourself!


I understand that you do photoshoots, is that included in one of your packages?

Style Union collaborates with many photographers and a photoshoot can certainly be arranged. Whether you are needing a it for work or for a special gift we can tailor a package to suit you needs. Note a minimum of 2 weeks notice applies.


Do you have gift vouchers for your services?

Yes. Gift certificates are available for our services or a nominated amount. Please contact us for further details.